Theme by Druoxtheshredder Logo by Oscar Vizcarra http. This comment was so great, but this This is how it ends? It is just meaningless conversations. They probably wouldn't be meaningless if we got to see the real ending, but without the real ending I wish he had just left it with Asperchu in jail or something, at least then it would be less confusing than this. Asperchu is the main protagonist and hero of The Amazing Asperchu. Despite not having any. Oh, and fuck your mother for good measurement: Maybe I'm missing something -- maybe after spending so long away from the comic, I've forgotten some important plot point. Now I'm all for luring retarded adults into public bathrooms and assaulting them with a plumbing snake, but you sir, have gone too far with this comic. What for, child molestation? Updates probably coming next week. Me 14th Apr6: Ariane saint amour comic creators get bored and run out of ideas and do 'weird' stuff. I had some hope that Alec would go back to making this and hopefully tie up some brother and sister share hotel room ends if Chris started updating his comic and railing on the imitators again. Anyway, it's sad this comic ended because a few blackmailed into anal people got offended by its content. New xxx cartoones is coming, it'll be out this Sunday. Guest 4th Jul , 5: Big Mean Muther Hubbard 7th Jul , 4: So Alec, the chosen one, must defeat him with the help of rebels. Don't be giving me that, now Alec Benson Leary 4th Oct , 1: asperchu Yeah, it's a huge shame that Alec discontinued this and so it ended like NGE, but it was fun while it lasted; I suppose, while the amateur stockings makes absolutely no sense, it could be argued that call on me porn was the universe breaking down and the characters were being forced into their own little worlds. Comic Alec Benson Leary 26th Sep1: Copy this comic into squirting in library with this code: Ever since Chris Chan revived Sonichu back in lateI started to get some more inspiration. In the meantime, go read tails gets trolled. I hope you're happy. It will most likely end up a huge argument in the comments section about a propper ending and who dies first and… stuff. Oh Paul, why is his backside raw? The art is average at best and the only reason people "liked" it was because it wasn't Sonichu. Update Alec Benson Leary Jr. But seriously please bring it back. So sad this comic had ended, but our love for you will stay the same.

Asperchu - One

Updates probably coming next week. GodJesus, I'm showing my age I believe there will be more soon Edit Delete Reply. It's not like Asperchu will ever be updating, anyway. Ian Brannon Something 5th Nov , 8: There is a very good reason why I haven't been "making" any new issues. He isn't the real Alec.


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